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Issue 574, 5 October 2007 - All unions should back the Greens

Who will they bomb next?

A MYSTERIOUS Israeli airstrike inside Syria in early September was a reminder of the instability in the region.

Although the Israeli government imposed a strict media blackout, opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu confirmed the president had sought his approval before the strike went ahead.

Then Bush announced that the US knew a strike had been carried out, but refused to say what its purpose was. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared her "strong support" for the action.

Unofficially, the US claimed Israel had bombed nuclear material delivered from North Korea. The likelihood of this is impossible to gauge and with no evidence available there is no point speculating-other than to say that we shouldn't trust the US propaganda machine.

What it does show is that the US and Israel are fully prepared to risk igniting further wars in the Middle East.